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Sanjeevani Electromedicals, the brainchild of Dr. G.D. Jindal and his much awaited dream project was founded in the year 2016, by his daughter-in-law Mrs. Shweta Jindal under his guidance to develop and promote affordable, non-invasive, indigenous technologies. Dr G.D. Jindal always wanted to start production of his research products but due to his commitment to research work at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) it could not be realized. Finally in 2016, the company obtained license for manufacturing of two products, namely Peripheral Pulse Analyzer and android based Tele ECG, from BARC, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India .These products have been publicized by Indian press during the various stages of development.
The first low cost Single lead Tele ECG was first developed in BARC by Electronics Division in 2009, with our mentor as the key inventor. Shweta Jindal being a commerce post graduate had acumen for business. She saw the potential of this technology and followed up sincerely. After the breaking news of 12 Channel Tele-ECG, she jumped at the opportunity and obtained license from BARC for two technologies, which has given birth to SANJEEVANI ELECTROMEDICALS.

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